Lord Narf-Um-What-Brain-Lumpford-Something-Shire (remjte) wrote,
Lord Narf-Um-What-Brain-Lumpford-Something-Shire

I live on facebook, but I can't say this there.

A friend took this "Which famous theologian are you?" quiz.

"____ took the Which famous theologian are you? quiz and the result is John Wesley

Wesley lived from 1703-91. He taught justification by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, as understood by Scripture alone. He differed from other Protestants like Luther, Calvin, and Edwards in saying that we ultimately choose God (free will), rather than the idea that He chose us (predestination). Wesley strongly emphasized personal piety."

My take?

Now I know who to blame for all the over-simplified crap people believe in (not that Luther, Calvin or Edwards were any better).
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